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MessageShare is an answer to prayer for our ministry. We have used audio messages for 17 years to encourage men and women around the world who are facing marriage problems. Before now, sharing them online has always been an expensive and cumbersome process. The economical cost still amazes me. MessageShare is doing for about $60 a month what we have been paying a secular company over $600 a month to do. Thanks to MessageShare, even the smallest ministries and churches can now have an online audio presence at an affordable price.

I am most impressed with the ease with which audio material can be placed online. MessageShare is so simple to use that anyone can manage messages. The basics of the user-friendly system can be easily learned. One simple access page gives us everything from stats to our online audio library. We have full control over all of our material, allowing us to easily make changes ourselves.

We recorded my wife at Bible Study Monday night.  I had it edited it and uploaded to MessageShare by 3:00 PM Tuesday.  In the first  24 hours, over 500 people listened to and/or downloaded that teaching alone.  Within 24 hours, someone could have burned a CD and had Charlyne teaching to a Tuesday night group in some far end of the earth.

In the few months we have had audio on MessageShare, from 3 accounts we have had a total of 42,115 listens and 15,217 downloads, for a combined total of 57,332 opportunities to minister to people around the world.  Simply amazing.

Best of all, people who have a burden for souls, our friends at Kingdom.com, make this service available. Thank you for helping us to share by spoken word, the good news that "God Heals Hurting Marriages."

"I am thrilled by the way MessageShare looks and works on our Website. I simply have not seen any other archive program that compares to it."

I appreciate the great service MessageShare is providing our church. It's a great help to us and I am seeing an impact at our church. Trouble free - getting it up and running. The third party flat fee a month is great, it is a lot more expensive elsewhere. I am especially impressed and grateful for the great, fast, and courteous tech support! When I email you I get a response that is fast/quick. If I have a problem it is fixed immediately or explained what to do.

Thank You for the blessing of this site. I like using MessageShare because it is a podcast site that was built specifically for the church, and not some ordinary secular podcast site. I serve as a Web Administrator for two churches maintaining the home sites and podcast sites. It is very easy for me to manage the sermon podcast with MessageShare.com and it's not time consuming, which is perfect for my busy schedule.

Very easy to get started, very easy to upload. It was a piece of cake! You can email with any questions or concerns, lots and lots of help. The technical support is great! No problems. Easy to do, user friendly, not complicated. Itís just been awesome! Everyone I show the site to says they think itís a great site, I like the fact you can sort by title, date, topic, etc. itís wonderful. I also suggested a few extra topics and Kingdom incorporated them. It worked out great!

We just signed up for MessageShare! We simply uploaded the messages to our MessageShare account and they were automatically transferred to our website. It looks great! I still can't believe how easy it is! We're so excited to have our messages available for people all over the world to listen to - if we can't reach them by tape or CD, we can over the Internet! MessageShare is easy to use. We are still working on content for the rest of our website, but our messages are already there because of MessageShare!

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